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Massages in Melbourne, FL

Melt Stress Away

Melbourne Massages at TAO Medical Spa

We all have stress in our lives. Our daily stress can affect the way we interact in the world. How we deal with that stress is very important. Massage is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress and to rejuvenate and revitalize your whole body. At TAO Medical Spa, we offer the massages Melbourne clients need to help relieve their daily stressors. Make massage a part of your beauty and self-care routine today at TAO Medical Spa.

A Revitalized You

What are Massages?

Massages are the manipulation of the soft muscles of your body, most commonly with the hands. There are several different types of massage we offer at TAO Medical Spa.

Massages Melbourne

Relax Your Mind…and Your Body

What are the benefits of Massage?

A massage is more than relaxing and rejuvenating; it can have valuable health benefits. Massages improve circulation and decrease muscle stiffness while also decreasing joint inflammation. Regular massage increases the quality of sleep and aids in quicker recovery time after workouts. Improved flexibility and less pain and soreness are also benefits of massage. More importantly, having a regular massage can improve immune response as well. We can’t deny the relaxing nature of massages. Massages calm and revitalize your body while reducing physical and mental stress. Massages also release endorphins which help our mood and can improve immune functions.

Long-Term Benefits

Your Massage Consultation

When you arrive at our office, we will discuss the different massages we offer, and together, we will decide which one best fits your unique needs. We also will suggest a schedule of how often you should receive a massage for optimal results. Because the stress that occurs in our daily life can cause health problems, taking emotional and physical tolls. At your consultation, we can discuss how massage can benefit you in the short and the long term.

Healing Energy

Your Massages Procedure

Our goal in your TAO Medical Spa massage session is to take you to a new level of relaxation. Our massage rooms are comfortably lit with soothing music piped in. Massage is about healing energy, and you will release energy throughout the massage along with stress. The therapist’s goal is to relax and revive you at a depth that you are comfortable with. Your massage will last approximately 50 minutes, after which time you will have time to gather yourself and let the healing energy continue.

Increased Immune Response

Massage Results

Results from a massage are both immediate and long-lasting. You will leave your massage more relaxed and refreshed. You may be sore after you receive your massage; this will dissipate within a couple of days. While the removal of lactic acid from your body after a massage is a myth, massage can increase blood circulation, endorphins and increase immune responses.

Massages Melbourne

Massage Recovery & Aftercare

After your massage Melboune clients will feel relaxed and refreshed. Drinking a lot of water after your massage is important to help flush the minerals and other accumulated materials from the body. Eat healthy and get lots of rest after the massage. Schedule your massage smartly… scheduling a massage during your lunch hour might cause you to become tense during the second half of the day, negating the benefits of a massage. Try to avoid loud music after the massage to continue the relaxation benefits.

MassageFrequently Asked Questions

If you want to speak or chat during your massage, you are welcome to. As with anything in the massage (temperature, music, pressure), you can let us know and we will accommodate your requests to the best of our abilities.

While there is no set schedule on how often to get a massage, getting a regular massage can improve your health and overall well-being. Some things to consider are emotional and physical needs for massage and budget.

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