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Melbourne Facials at TAO Medical Spa

Our signature facials are customized to address your skin needs and goals. We offer expertly curated products with the best results. Contact TAO Medical Spa in Melbourne, FL., for your facial consultation today.

Progressive Process

What are Facials?

At our Medical Spa in Melbourne facials are a set of skincare facial treatments, including steaming, exfoliation, extraction, application of creams and lotions, facial masks, and facial massage. Facials are an excellent way to refresh and renew the skin. They’re a great way to recharge the skin. Facials get rid of impurities in the skin while you are relaxing and being pampered. The goal of a facial is to remove impurities and dead skin while exfoliating. A facial can reduce pore size and tighten and lighten your skin. But more importantly, a regular facial can improve the overall health of your skin.

Facials Melbourne

Cleansing and Soothing

What are the benefits of Facials?

Because facials stimulate blood flow, they can decrease puffiness and fluid buildup in our lymphatic system. Good flow brings proteins, oxygen, and nutrition to the skin, ridding our skin of toxins. Facials also reduce signs of aging and detoxify the skin. Regular facials, once a month, keep your skin glowing.

Expert Aestheticians

Your Facials Consultation

Everyone wants skin that is beautiful and free from blemishes. Facials can be used to treat many skin types and can be used to treat dry or oily skin. You will notice more beautiful, smoother skin with regular facials. When considering a facial Melbourne clients with acne can also benefit from these treatments!

Relax and Renew

Your Facials Procedure

A facial consists of several different procedures:

  • Exfoliating, or using a facial scrub to exfoliate or remove dead skin cells from the epidermis layer of the skin.
  • Steaming to help open the pores to make extraction easier
  • Extraction, or the removal of skin impurities like whiteheads and blackheads
  • Application of facial masks or other skin healing serums to match your skin type

The whole facial procedure takes approximately one hour, so you can relax and let your worries float away.

Clear, Smooth Skin

Facials Results

Making facials a routine part of your skincare will improve the look and feel of your skin, but more importantly, they will improve the overall health of your skin. And healthy skin is beautiful skin. The results of a facial will be evident immediately and will last about six weeks. You will see a healthy glow, your pores will be cleaner and smaller, and fine lines can even be reduced in some cases. Facials can keep blemishes from breaking out and leave you with a dewy and brighter complexion.

Facials Melbourne

Stay Hydrated

Facials Recovery & Aftercare

After your facial, it is important not to use exfoliating face scrubs. This can cause redness and irritation. Skip anything irritating to your skin, including tanning beds, direct sunlight, or strenuous exercise. Don’t wear makeup for 24 hours after your facial to give your skin time to heal and breathe. Skincare, proper skin care, is a marathon, not a sprint. The acquisition of good habits now will pay off aesthetically in the future. That is why you should schedule your next facial when you have completed your current facial. It is vital to keep your skin hydrated with a topical serum and by drinking lots of water to keep it hydrated internally. We can recommend products for your specific skin type and aesthetic goals.

FacialsFrequently Asked Questions

Facials take approximately one hour and can even be done over lunch. But a good facial like those performed at TAO Medical Spa are events to be savored.

No, they are reasonably priced for what you receive. Of course, you can’t put a price on good skin, but we understand financial constraints and will work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals at a cost you can be comfortable with.

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Our talented team is here to provide treatments that deliver naturally-focused results and help you tune into your most energized, confident self. We love building relationships with our clients and are here to offer the best Melbourne, FL, med spa services for your needs. Book now, and Together As One, we can make self-care part of your daily life.

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