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RF Microneedling in Melbourne, FL

Aging with Elegance

Melbourne RF Microneedling at TAO Medical Spa

We want to look our best at every age. We want an elegant look without the pain and recovery time of surgery. Vivace Radio Frequency RF Microneedling (RFMN) will address aging concerns in the time it takes to have lunch. Contact us today at TAO Medical Spa for a consultation in Melbourne, Florida.

New Generation of RF Microneedling

What is Vivace RFMN?

Vivace radio frequency microneedling provides the benefits of RF microneedling with special serums and a cooling peptide mask that encourages healing and collagen and elastin regeneration underneath the skin. This procedure offers clients natural-looking results superior to traditional microneedling methods.

Vivace RFMN can be used instead of in conjunction with injectables for even better results. This new generation of radio frequency microneedling is an exciting addition to our aesthetic lineup, and we are thrilled to offer it to our patients.

RF Microneedling Melbourne

Healing Benefits

What are the benefits of RF Microneedling with Vivace RFMN?

At our medical spa in Melbourne RF Microneedling with Vivace RFMN can help alleviate fine lines, soften wrinkles, even skin tone and texture, minimize acne scarring, and reduce pore size. This radio frequency microneedling takes it to the next level, with not only RF energy being delivered into the skin through the microscopic holes created in the skin but by infusing healing serums into the skin to aid healing and encourage additional collagen production. LED light therapy helps the healing process by speeding up the reduction of redness and inflammation after the procedure. You can go about your daily activities after the treatment and even go out that night without looking too red and inflamed.

Innovative New Treatment

Your RF Microneedling Consultation

Vivace is designed to benefit all skin types. Those clients with mild to moderate wrinkling or laxity of the skin and neck and who are in good health are good candidates for Vivace RFMN. Also, clients with acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, or large pores, can benefit from RF Microneedling. If you are having an acne flareup, have trouble with wound bleeding, or have an active skin infection, you should wait to have Vivace RFMN until you are asymptomatic.

One Hour to Beautiful

Your RF Microneedling Procedure

Using a handheld device, Vivace delivers radiofrequency energy as heat to the dermis, or lower, layer of the skin using tiny needles. The needles create damage that kickstarts the body’s natural regeneration of collagen and elastin, which helps increase skin laxity and reduces scarring and plumps, wrinkles, and fine lines. The inclusion of red or blue LED light also aids in healing and reduction of redness. The whole procedure takes less than one hour to complete.

Reach Your Goals

RF Microneedling Results

While you may see some immediate results from Vivace RF Microneedling Melbourne patients typically report that it takes approximately two to three weeks for the best results to appear as the collagen renews itself. After that, you will notice a reduction in fine lines, a more even skin tone, fewer wrinkles, mitigation of acne scars, and smaller pores. For optimal and longer-lasting results, it is advisable to have Vivace RF Microneedling every four to six weeks. Clients usually take three to six procedures to get the desired results.

RF Microneedling Melbourne

Beautiful You

Vivace RFMN Recovery & Aftercare

Recovery time after Vivace RF Microneedling is relatively quick, but there are some aftercare procedures you should take. Avoid strenuous exercise or anything that can cause you to be excessively hot for the first couple of days after treatment. Keep your skin clean and clear of makeup for the first six hours or even overnight, as the microchannels will be sensitive to anything you put on your skin. Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds, which will cause unnecessary skin redness. Finally, avoid scrubbing or exfoliants for at least a week.

RF MicroneedlingFrequently Asked Questions

There is very little pain associated with the Vivace RF Microneedling procedure, but if you are sensitive to discomfort, we can apply a numbing cream to your face before the treatment.

If you follow all the care instructions we provide, you should begin to see results within hours after your procedure. Then, as your body begins to produce more collagen, you will see even more results, which are subtle but noticeable. Finally, you will see excellent results within a few months after your final treatment.

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